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Principal's Message

Welcome to Serrania Charter Elementary School – where every child's educational journey is crafted with care and commitment. As the proud Principal, I extend a warm greeting to parents, students, and our vibrant community. At Serrania, we believe in fostering an environment where learning is not just a destination but a thrilling exploration.


Our dedicated team of excellent teachers is at the heart of this commitment. Passionate, experienced, and driven by a desire to inspire, they create classrooms that ignite curiosity and fuel a love for learning. Each day, our educators strive to make the educational experience meaningful, memorable, and tailored to every student's unique strengths.


Beyond the traditional classroom, Serrania CES proudly offers additional enrichment opportunities. We understand the importance of a well-rounded education, and our students have access to programs that nurture their creativity, critical thinking, and social skills. From arts and sciences to sports and community service, we provide a rich tapestry of experiences that contribute to their holistic development.


Choosing a school is a significant decision, and we are thrilled that you have chosen Serrania. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with a warm and supportive community, makes us the ideal place for your child's educational journey. Serrania Charter Elementary School is where the joy of learning meets endless possibilities. We are grateful to welcome your family into ours.


Warm regards,

Stefanie Powell Principal, Serrania Charter Elementary School